girl wearing eyeglasses at Alberta Eye Care

What is a pediatric Eye Exam?

Pediatric eye care is similar to that of an adult’s — vision and eye health are checked and addressed — except some of the tests and equipment we use are different. For example, children and teens require specific tests for conditions like amblyopia and strabismus. And we enjoy breaking out toys and games for younger kids; it makes the appointment more fun for everyone involved.

Our Kid-Friendly Services: Myopia Management & Vision Therapy

Two conditions kids commonly encounter are nearsightedness (myopia) and eye misalignments, which can lead to crossed eyes (strabismus) or lazy eyes (amblyopia). Eye conditions like these affect school, physical health, and can increase the risk of getting other eye diseases later in life.

We avoid these problems by having the right tools in our toolbox. Vision therapy can correct eye misalignments, and our myopia management includes advanced tech (like LipiFlow® and MiSight®); we couple these tools with the expertise needed to accurately treat your child’s needs.

boy taking pediatric eye exam at Eyes Strong Pediatric Eye Care
two child happy playing with clear vision at Eye Strong Pediatric Eye Care

Why Parents Choose Us

We understand that some parents can be nervous about finding the right eye doctor for their child — our pediatric specialists do a great job of making kids feel at ease, asking them questions, and ensuring exams are stress free.