When two eyes stop working together as a team, performance in things like school, work, reading, and depth perception can suffer. Vision therapy is a personalized program that uses targeted exercises to correct specific visual issues. It is vision therapy for the eyes, and it can be a preferable alternative to surgery for some eye conditions.
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Vision therapy can be useful for patients who have suffered a head injury, have an eye misalignment, or a genetic condition that affects your sight. Patients that may benefit include those struggling with:

  • • Amblyopia (lazy eye)
  • • Strabismus (crossed eyes)
  • • Double vision
  • • Eye tracking issues
  • • Hand-eye coordination issues
  • • Eye fatigue

Pediatric vision therapy is extra important for children, because addressing eye misalignment issues early makes school, sports, and socialization easier — and early intervention offer benefits that last a lifetime.

Vision Therapy for Adults

Vision therapy for adults can enhance visual skills and correct issues that glasses alone cannot fix, such as strabismus or amblyopia. Tailored exercises improve eye coordination, focusing abilities, and visual processing, offering a non-invasive solution to persistent vision challenges.
elderly woman taking vision therapy at Alberta Eye Care
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