Our Advanced Eye Technology

Experience Portland in high definition with our cutting-edge eye technology. We invest in industry-leading solutions to ensure you enjoy crystal-clear views of Mt. Hood, read comfortably without headaches, and enhance your overall quality of life.
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Dry Eye Treatment

Our approach to treating dry eyes integrates LipiFlow® with other pioneering technologies. We focus on addressing the underlying causes of dry eyes—because, frankly, we believe that dealing with dry eyes shouldn’t be a part of your daily routine.
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Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a personalized program that helps improve a person’s vision, brain-eye coordination, and strengthen muscles. It’s effective on lazy eye (amblyopia), crossed eyes (strabismus), learning-related disorders, and more.
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In-House Edging

We reduce your wait time for new glasses by cutting and edging new lenses in-house. Get your new glasses in days, not weeks.
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Neurolens corrects misalignments that may result from genetic conditions, physical injuries, or disease, so the images sent to your brain are in sync and you perceive a single, unified image.