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At Alberta Eye Care, EyeStrong, and Cathedral Eye Care, we merge Portland’s unique vibe with high-end eye care and stylish eyewear — all tailored for the modern patient on the go. We start each visit with a high-tech exam and friendly discussion about your lifestyle and vision needs, so we can ensure that our approach is as individualized as the city we call home. Each of our locations is thoughtfully tailored to its unique area, but the care you receive all meets the same high standards. We’re not just your eye care providers; we’re your neighbors, and we’re dedicated to providing you with clear, comfortable vision.
A Proactive Approach to Eye Health

Our Eye Care Services 

Eye exams

Our comprehensive eye exams give you a thorough, tech-driven look at your eyes and eye health, so you feel confident that your vision is accurate and your eyes are healthy. If we do find anything, don’t worry, we’ll work out a treatment plan just for you.


We know you would do anything for your child, which is why our team of experts, led by pediatric and myopia specialist Dr. Laura Armstrong, have a wide range of myopia management options — we can restore their sight and help slow myopia’s progression.

eye disease

Trust us to monitor, manage, and treat eye conditions with the latest in medical advancements and optometry tech; we will keep your eyes healthy and your vision sharp. We have the advanced tech and expert knowledge to find and treat any imperfection or eye condition you may have.

dry eye

Find relief from eye irritation and inflammation with comprehensive solutions that soothe your eyes and offer effective, long-term protection. Regardless of underlying cause or severity of condition, we will restore your tear film and provide you with relief.
Brilliance for Your Eyes

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